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Home with You © 2017 First Baptist Church of Rochester and David Labman

    composed by David Labman, Director of Music

  This is the premier performance of Home with You, an original work composed by our Music Director, David Labman, and commissioned in celebration of our 200th anniversary. The anthem and musicians are funded by a donation given in memory of Susan Boulay and her love for the music at First Baptist Church of Rochester.

Lead vocals: Colleen Labman and Tyler Owens and featuring the First Baptist Church Adult Choir with section leaders: Kelly Whitesell, soprano; Anna Bekker, alto;Tyler Cervini, tenor; Hugo Christensen-Diehl, bass; and Choral Conductor: Julian Petrallia.

Instrumentalists: David Labman, piano; Jimmie Highsmith, Jr., alto saxophone; Art Beaty, guitar; Mark Terranova, bass; Bruce Pitts, drums

Home with You Lyrics:

My God I come to you,
Yet I feel so uncertain.
But you say I'm home with you,
In your arms, in your heart, in your love.
My soul aches for you,
My heart breaks in two every day I'm not here with you,
In your arms, in your heart, in your love.
So I close my eyes and pray,
And I hear the angels say...
It's time to trust in me,
Now let your heart be free.

REFRAIN: Love, joy, welcome;
Peace, hope, soul freedom.
Love, love,
Joy, feel the joy,
Welcome; yes, His arms are open wide;
Peace, peace,
Hope, hope for all,
Soul freedom, freedom.

BRIDGE: Time for rejuvenation, let us be renewed.
Time for celebration, sing of gratitude.
Feel the resurrection, be the light to the world.
Know the jubilation, hear the voice of God.

EXTENDED REFRAIN: Love, He has everlasting love,
Joy, joy as only known above,
Welcome; yes, His arms are open wide to everyone.
Peace, peace that passes understanding,
Hope, hope for all the years to come,
Soul freedom, when I'm in your arms I'm home with you.




Yes I'm home with you!

© 2017 First Baptist Church of Rochester and David Labman

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